Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reach and Wash?

None of us like change, but in this case you will be very impressed by the aded benfits you will gain from this new technology.

Below we have explained a little bit about the process, so that you can understand the new way we could clean your windows.

How it works?

Whilst we are moving away from the dangers of working at height, along with the inconvenience and intrusion this often causes, we are simultaneously changing to a more environmentally-friendly and efficient method called “Pure Water Cleaning”

No chemicals of detergents – Just the absolute simplicity of purified water

We will be using purified water to clean your windows and will be using special brushes mounted onto telescopic poles to reach the high windows.

The pole will be connected via a tube to the water storage tank which has a pump that is powerful enough to reach windows over 80 foot high.

Why Pure Water?

Although tap water looks clean, it actually contains a lot of disolved chemical and minerals. These amounts vary from area to area (hard & soft water areas). It is these minerals (mainly calcium and magnesium) that leave a white residue on glass.

The water purification technology (the machine which cleans the water) de-mineralises and de-ionises tap water to remove these impurities and produce pure water.

More Questions Answered

Question I am very pleased with the end result but you previously left my windows and sills dry, now when you leave they are wet?

Answer Please do not be concerned by this, it is only pure water which is even less harmful to your building than rainwater. Because this water dries without leaving streaks, it is unnecessary to squeegee the windows dry. This water will quickly evaporate without a trace in a few minutes.

Question I have tried cleaning my own windows with cheap telescopic poles and it dries white, how will you do a better job?

Answer Normal tap water contains minerals, including, calcium and magnesium. It is these which leave a white residue on the glass. What we use is Pure water, filtered by a de-ionising and de-mineralisation process. This dries to a crystal clear shine. We bring this water with us in large van-mounted tanks.

Question Will I see the difference straight away?

Answer Whilst you will, ultimately, see enormous benefits with Pure Water Cleaning, this may not be immediately apparent. For instance, traditional “chammy and ladder” cleaning avoids the window surround and frames. However, we now clean everything, which obviously brings accumulated debris down onto the glass. Also it takes a few washes to remove the residue of years of detergent. This means that the first few cleans with Pure Water may not give the full effect. It might be about the 2nd or 3rd clean that you start to really notice the difference. After that it will be a breeze and you will never want to go back.

Question It looks so complicated compared to a bucket and squeegee, I am just not convinced it can do the job as good as traditional window cleaning.

Answer It actually does a better job, in most cases we clean the window frames as well with our brush so that is an added bonus to you. The process is faster, safer, superior to traditional window cleaning as we are using fresh, clean water on each window, not water from a bucket. Please do not be daunted by all the equipment at the end of the day it is just a pole with a brush on the end that pumps the pure water onto your window, it is actually a very simple process that has been made affordable. We can demonstrate the process on just one of your windows to reassure you if that helps ease your mind.

Question I am worried the high water pressure will damage my windows?

Answer It’s not the water pressure or the pressure of the brush on the window that does the cleaning, it is the gentle agitation of the brush bristles and the pure water on the dirt that does the cleaning. Very little pressure is needed.


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